Advanced Features

Machine Synchronized

Pulsarlube MS & MSP

Synchronized Lubricator with
an Intelligent Vibration Sensor

Pulsarlube Mi

PLC Controlled & Remotely
Monitored & High Performance

Pulsarlube PLC

Service Pack

What is Service Pack?

Service Packs are replacement kits for Pulsarlube Electromechanical lubricators.

A. Grease Pouch : Choose a proper size.
B. Battery Pack :
1. Standard DC 4.5V Alkaline Battery
2. Optional DC 4.5V Lithium Battery
C. Disposable Dust Cover : Used in outdoor and dusty, damp conditions.

Accessories (Use Product Pulsarlube M, EX, MSP, MS, PLC Series)


Single Point Installation
Kit No. 1250RC-1

Multi-Pont  Installation Kit
(New Version)
Multi-Points Remote Installation Kit Manual

Multi-Pont Installation Kit
(Old Version)

Kit No. 1250MD-2 ~ 1250MD-8

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