Service Pack

The Pulsarlube electromechanical grease lubricators are developed to last multiple cycles through the use of replaceable service packs. As a result, one of the most significant benefits of the Pulsarlube electromechanical lubricators is the substantial accumulated savings over the cost of manual lubrication while providing assurance of the most precise and reliable lubrication quality.

Cost Savings

Substantial savings from the use of replaceable grease pouches and battery packs (Service Pack)

User Friendly

Designed for easy replacement for users to change the used grease pouches and battery packs (Service Pack)

Service Pack

What is Service Pack?

Service Packs are replacement kits for Pulsarlube electromechanical lubricators.

Service Pack includes

Grease pouch

Choose a proper size.

Battery Pack

① Standard DC 4.5V Alkaline Battery
② Optional DC 4.5V Lithium Battery

Disposable dust cover

Used in outdoor and dusty, damp conditions.

Service Pack Size (Grease Pouch Capacity)

* The battery and grease pouch must be replaced together when replacing a service pack. Do not reuse the battery pack.

Service Pack

The Service Pack must be replaced when monthly cycle is finished.

Service Pack

Applications Alkaline Battery Pack (Standard) Lithium Battery Pack (Optional)
Direct mount O O
Single point installation within 6m(20ft) O O
Remote installation more than 6m(20ft)
less than 10m(33ft)
Back pressure less than 30kg/cm2 O O
Operating Temperature Range : 15˚C~60˚C(5˚F~140˚F) O O
Operating Temperature Range : -40˚C~60˚C(-40˚F~140˚F) X O
500ml Grease Pouch X O

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