Accessories For Installation (Click on the product specifications can be found in the table at the bottom.)

A001 Reducer, 3/8"F X 1/4"M Adaptor (Brass)
A002 Reducer, 3/8"F X 1/8"M Adaptor (Brass)
A002-S Reducer, 3/8"F x 1/8"M Adaptor (Steel)
A003 Reducer, 1/4"F x M6ⅹ1.0 M Adaptor (Steel)
A004 Reducer, 1/4"F x M8ⅹ1.25 M Adaptor (Steel)
A005 Reducer, 1/4"F x 1/8" M Adaptor (Brass)
A006 Reducer, 1/4"Fx 3/8"M Adaptor (Brass)
A007 Reducer, 1/8"FX1/16"M Adaptor (Steel)
A026 Reducer, 1/8"F x M8ⅹ1.25 M Adaptor (Brass)
A027 Reducer, 1/8”FⅹUNF 1/4”(6.35mm) M Adaptor (Brass)
A028 Reducer, 1/4”F ⅹ 1/4”M Adaptor (Brass)
A029 Reducer, 1/8"Fx M6ⅹ1.0 M Adaptor(Steel)
A030 Reducer, 1/4"F x M8ⅹ1.0 M Adaptor (Steel)
A031 Reducer, 1/4"F x M10ⅹ1.0 M Adaptor (Brass)
A032 Reducer, 1/4"F x M10ⅹ1.5 M Adaptor (Brass)
A033 Reducer, 1/4"F x M12ⅹ1.5 M Adaptor (Brass)
A034 Reducer, 1/4"F x M12ⅹ1.75 M Adaptor (Brass)
A035 Reducer, PT 1/8”F X M5 X P0.8(Steel)
A036 Reducer, PT 1/8”F X M8 X P1.0(Steel)
A037 Reducer, PT 1/8”F X M10 X P1.0(Steel)
C006 Reducer, PT 1/8"F X M8 X 1P

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